The Advantages of a
Deep Plane Facelift and Neck Lift

Facelifts have come a long way since their inception. Traditional facelifts typically focused on lifting and tightening the skin and superficial tissues, providing a temporary improvement in the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. However, these approaches often fell short of achieving truly natural, long-lasting results.

Among the Nations Best Facelift Surgeons

Meet Dr. Catherine Chang, a highly accomplished Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon and a nationally-renowned deep plane facelift specialist. Dr. Chang’s expertise in the deep plane technique extends beyond her impressive credentials; she is a sought-after speaker on the national stage, sharing her knowledge and insights with fellow experts in the field. With an annual practice that performs hundreds of deep plane facelifts, Dr. Chang consistently ranks among the top facelift surgeons in the country. 

Deep Plane Facelift

Deep plane facelifts represent a revolutionary advancement in facial rejuvenation. This technique addresses the deeper layers of facial tissues, including the muscle and fascia, providing a more comprehensive and natural-looking result. Here are some key benefits of the deep plane facelift:

  • Longevity: One of the most significant advantages of the deep plane facelift is its long-lasting results. By targeting the deeper tissues, this technique offers results that can endure for up to a decade or more.
  • Natural Appearance: Deep plane facelifts preserve the natural contours of your face, avoiding the “pulled” or “windswept” appearance often associated with traditional facelifts. Patients look like a refreshed, more youthful version of themselves.
  • Reduced Scarring: Because the deep plane facelift primarily involves incisions near the ear, scarring is minimal and easily hidden. This is in stark contrast to traditional facelifts, which often require larger incisions along the hairline.
  • Enhanced Neck Lift: The deep plane technique seamlessly extends to the neck, addressing sagging skin, jowls, and the dreaded “turkey neck” with remarkable effectiveness.

Deep Plane Neck Lift

Just as the deep plane facelift revolutionized facial rejuvenation, the deep plane neck lift has transformed neck contouring procedures. Here’s why it’s superior to traditional neck lift techniques:

  • Comprehensive Neck Rejuvenation: The deep plane neck lift targets not only loose skin but also the underlying muscle and fascia, providing a well-rounded solution for a smoother, more youthful neck.
  • Natural Results: As with the deep plane facelift, this technique ensures natural-looking results without the telltale signs of surgery. Patients can enjoy a rejuvenated neck without obvious scars or an over-tightened appearance.
  • Lasting Effect: Deep plane neck lifts offer longevity in results, meaning you can enjoy your improved neck contour for years to come.

Dr. Chang’s meticulous attention to detail is matched only by her compassionate and caring approach to patient care. It’s her privilege and passion to empower patients to look and feel their absolute best through the most cutting-edge aesthetic procedures available. When you choose Dr. Catherine Chang, you can rest assured that you’re in the hands of an exceptional specialist dedicated to your beauty and well-being. For more information about the deep plane facelift and to schedule a consultation, contact us today.