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Undergoing Buccal Fat Removal - What to Expect

Are you tired of looking larger than you are due to your round cheeks? Buccal fat removal is a great surgical option to subtle slim down your facial contour. The results can help you achieve a more chiseled, defined look.

In this article, we’ll go in detail about what buccal fat removal entails, including the treatment itself, the recovery period, and the outcomes you can anticipate. Continue reading to find out more about this popular surgical procedure.

What is Buccal Fat Removal?

Buccal lipectomy, another name for buccal fat removal, is a surgical operation that includes eliminating extra cheek fat to produce a slenderer and more defined facial contour. Patients do not normally need to spend the night in the hospital because the surgery is typically done as an outpatient. It can be carried out while the patient is sedated intravenously or under local anesthesia, which numbs the area being treated.

If someone wants to slim down their large, round cheeks, buccal fat reduction may be a beneficial procedure. The surgery can give the face a leaner, younger appearance and help define and chisel the facial contour. However, it’s crucial to have reasonable expectations and recognize that the procedure’s outcomes might not be seen right away because the complete effects might not be noticeable for a few weeks.

What Should You Expect?

It is reasonable to have questions and concerns regarding what to anticipate during the treatment. In the section below, we have detailed everything you can expect before and during the procedure.

The Consultation

Dr. Catherine Chang will meet with you before the procedure to go over your aesthetic goals and to decide whether buccal fat removal is the best course of action for you. For the purpose of determining whether you are a good candidate for the surgery, your surgeon will also conduct a physical examination and might ask for a few pre-operative tests. Detailed information on how to get ready for the procedure, including any necessary food or medication restrictions, will be given to you.

The Procedure

Your doctor will make a tiny incision within your cheek during the procedure, and with the help of a specialized tool, they will carefully and precisely remove a small amount of fat from the area. The incision will then be closed using either sutures or surgical glue. Typically, the procedure takes an hour to complete.

What to expect after Buccal Fat Removal

Undergoing a buccal fat removal procedure can be a big decision, and it’s natural to have questions and concerns about what to expect during the recovery process. Here is a thorough description of what to anticipate following the procedure:
Immediately following the procedure

Swelling and bruising in the treated area are expected. This is typical and should go away in a few days. Additionally, you can experience some tightness and soreness near your cheeks, which you can treat with painkillers. You will receive post-operative instructions on how to take care of the incision site and deal with any pain. To guarantee the best possible recovery, you should carefully adhere to these guidelines.

Post Procedure

You should take it easy and refrain from heavy exercise for the first few days following the surgery. To help the incision site heal properly, you should also refrain from pushing or pressure to the treated region. You could be instructed to apply cold compresses to help with swelling and bruising, and you should try to keep your head elevated.

First week

You can gradually resume your normal activities as you get through the first week of healing, but you should still refrain from anything too demanding. Additionally, you should keep the incision site clean and adhere to your post-operative recommendations. Do not be afraid to get in touch with your surgeon if you have any unexpected symptoms or worries.

After the first week

The swelling and bruising should continue to lessen as you progress through the healing process. The procedure’s ultimate effects should start to show themselves, though it might take a few weeks for them to manifest fully. Continue to take care of the wound and stay away from anything that can hinder the healing process.

Recovering from a buccal fat removal treatment is typically not too difficult, and the majority of patients can resume their regular activities within a few days. It’s crucial to carefully follow your surgeon’s instructions and to get in touch with them if you have any questions. With the right treatment, you ought to be able to get the results you want and take pleasure in a facial contour that is thinner and more defined.

Buccal fat removal can help you achieve a slimmer, more defined facial contour. The recovery process after a buccal fat removal procedure is typically relatively straightforward, and most patients are able to return to their normal activities within a few days.

If you’re ready to achieve a more defined, chiseled look, consider undergoing buccal fat removal with Dr. Catherine Chang in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. Dr. Chang is dedicated to helping her patients choose the right procedure and treatment plan that will make them look they’re very best. To schedule a consultation at our Beverly Hills, CA office, contact us at (323) 768-0584 to book your consultation today.