Undergoing Chin Augmentation - What to Expect

Chin augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure that can help improve facial balance, enhance profile projection, and create a more defined appearance. The procedure involves a facial implant to enhance the structure and shape in the chin area. This procedure can help patient’s achieve dramatic results with minimal downtime and discomfort. If you’re considering chin augmentation in Beverly Hills, it’s essential to understand what you should expect before and after surgery.

In this article, we will discuss what to expect when planning for chin augmentation surgery, the recovery process, and provide tips on how to get the best aesthetic outcomes with proper aftercare.

What Is Chin Augmentation?

Utilizing an implant placed around the existing bone of your chin, this surgical procedure can give you a stronger profile to give you greater confidence in your appearance. If you’re looking for chin augmentation, Dr. Chang offers a range of implant options, such as standard Metapor implants or custom CAD-drawn facial implants custom designed for your  bone structure and individual anatomy. Dr. Chang’s chin augmentation techniques minimize any visible scarring and maximize results by utilizing a small incision that remains concealed in your natural crease lines.

Who is a Candidate for Chin Augmentation?

If you’re unhappy with the shape and lack of definition of your face, chin, or jawline, a chin implant could be a great option for you.

Chin Augmentation can help improve:

  • A weak chin
  • The appearance of a double chin
  • Jowling
  • Your side profile
  • Jawline and shape
  • Excess skin along the jawline and upper neck

Preparing For Surgery

Dr. Chang is committed to providing personalized care for every patient. During your initial consultation, Dr. Chang will carefully examine your facial features and discuss your desired outcomes with you. This will help her determine the best approach to achieve the results you want. She will also take into account your facial symmetry, jawline shape, and overall facial balance. 

The Procedure

Silicone Implants: Dr. Chang will make a small incision under your chin or inside your mouth to insert the implant, and will ensure that it is positioned securely and proportionately to your face. The entire process takes one to three hours, and you can expect minimal downtime after completing the treatment.

CAD Custom Facial Implants:

A custom CAD (computer-aided design) drawn facial chin implant is a personalized implant that is designed specifically to fit your unique facial features. At Prive Beverly Hills, our skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Catherine Chang, uses advanced technology to create custom CAD drawings of your facial structure, which are then used to create a customized implant that is tailored to your individual needs.

The following steps are required for a custom facial implant procedure:

  • CT scan: A CT scan will be taken of your facial bones to create a detailed 3D image of your facial structure.
  • CAD drawing: Using the 3D image, Dr. Chang will create a custom CAD drawing of the implant, taking into account the size and shape of your chin and jawline, as well as your overall facial balance and symmetry.
  • Implant creation: The CAD drawing will be used to create a custom implant that is tailored to your unique facial structure.
  • Surgery: The implant will be inserted through a small incision in your chin, and will be carefully positioned to achieve optimal facial balance and harmony.


What to Expect: Recovery & Aftercare

Patients who receive chin augmentation will have a little discomfort and downtime. To ensure the best recovery, plan for a one-week break from work; however, you should feel sufficiently well to resume your daily activities at the end of this period. A combination of over-the-counter pain relievers and cold compresses can help manage any minor discomforts that may remain throughout your healing process.

To reduce post-operative swelling and protect your surgical incision, you’ll need to sleep face up with a few extra pillows or by elevating the head of your bed for two weeks after chin augmentation surgery. Taking these precautions will help ensure that no pressure is placed on the area while it heals.

Chin Augmentation in Beverly Hills

If you’re looking to enhance your facial profile and achieve a more balanced, harmonious appearance, chin augmentation may be a good option for you. Dr. Catherine Chang is a top Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon renowned for her natural-looking results. Through carefully placed silicone or custom CAD-drawn facial implants, she produces bespoke results that leave her patients feeling confident and radiant. To schedule a consultation at our Beverly Hills, CA office, contact us at (310) 424-5330.